Super Pay Egalite (Associated Sidebets / Variations)

Name of Game / Side bet Super Pay Egalite
Licence type - Licence required
Status - Permanent
Trial originated at - The Victoria Casino
Date placed on trial - April 2010
Licensee / proprietor - Grosvenor Casinos
Licensee contact details -

Statesman House

Stafferton Way




Basic Outline Rules / How to Play

‘Super Pay Egalite’ is an additional optional wager in the basic game of Punto Banco, the rules of which can be found on this website.

Players do not need to place a standard wager on either the Player, the Banker or Egalite, in order to place a “Super Pay Egalite” side wager. They may place wagers on more than one “Super Pay Egalite” betting position if they wish to do so.

The wager is that the two hands will be of an equal score, (i.e. an Egalite) but will be in a range of specific scores. The wager will win if any of the specific scores in the selected range is the outcome of the tied hand.

If the score is not an Egalite, all wagers on Super Pay Egalite will lose.

If the score is an Egalite, all Super Pay Egalite wagers on the specific range of numbers that includes the winning score will win & be paid odds. All Super Pay Egalite wagers on a range of numbers that does not include the winning score will lose and be surrendered to the bank.

The range of numbers and usual odds payable are:-

Egalite Score Odds
Zero 160 to 1
1,2 or 3 70 to 1
4 or 5 60 to 1
6 or 7 22 to 1
8 or 9 40 to 1

House Edge details

Egalite Score Odds
Zero 6.65%
1,2 or 3 10.86%
4 or 5 7.28%
6 or 7 8.94%
8 or 9 9.75%