Instant Baccarat Bonus - trademark pending (Associated Sidebets / Variations)

Licence type - No Licence required
Trial originated at - Genting Casino
Date placed on trial - November 2008
Licensee / proprietor -


Licensee contact details - N/A

Basic Outline Rules / How to Play

The game is played to the same rules as Punto Banco (basic game); no extra side bet is required. The Casino funds a progressive pool by seeding after each 100% payout and adding funds for each coup dealt. The progressive may be linked between multiple tables either in the same Casino or between 2 or more Casinos.

Each player currently playing will in turn take control of the shoe and deal the next coup. Upon dealing a hand where the Banco wins the player retains the shoe and deals the next coup. Upon dealing either a Punto or Egalite win then control of the shoe moves clockwise to the next player. Results of coups are recorded electronically by the Dealer and displayed to the customers with live updates. Any customer who deals a run of 8 or more coups with consecutive Banco wins will qualify for an extra payment from the progressive fund.

The Progressive fund and prizes available will be displayed to customers with live updates.

Small prizes will be paid immediately; larger prizes will be paid with 30 days.

Usual Odds Paid

Run Bonus as multiple of added funds per coup
8 Consecutive Banks £xx*
9 Consecutive Banks £xx*
10 Consecutive Banks  £xx*
11 Consecutive Banks  £xx*
12 Consecutive Banks  £xx*
13 Consecutive Banks  £xx*
14 Consecutive Banks  £xx*
15 Consecutive Banks 25% of progressive
16 or more Consecutive Banks 100% of progressive

House Edge Details

If “Banco” wins - Better than 1.06%
If “Punto” wins - Better than 1.24%
If “Egalite”wins - Better than 14.4%