3g8 (Associated Sidebets / Variations)

Name of sidebet - 3g8
Licence type - Licence required
Status -  
Trial originated at - The Casino at the Empire
Date placed on trial - November 2008
Licensee / proprietor - Golden Dragon 18 Table Games Ltd

Licensee contact details -

Ray Birch
07868 228961

Basic Outline Rules / How to Play

3g8 is an optional wager that if the Banker’s hand has 3 points with only two cards and the player’s hand is entitled to receive another card that card being the third card to the players hand will win if it is an 8 (eight).

If the Banker’s hand is not a 3 or if the banker’s hand is a 3 but the players hand is not entitled to another card or if entitled is not an 8, the wager will be lost to the House.

Usual odds paid

If won will be paid at odds of 200 to 1.

House Edge Details