21 Up Stud - (Associated Sidebets / Variations)

Name of sidebet 21 Up Stud (sidebet of Blackjack & Poker)
Licence type Licence required
Trial originated at

The Casino at the Empire

Date placed on trial December 2011
Licensee / proprietor -

Innovative Gaming Concepts

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Basic Outline of sidebet rules / how to play

21 Up Stud is played with a single deck of 52 standard cards. Each player will receive two cards face down and the Dealer will initially deal themselves one card face down.

The players have two options, whether to continue in the game, if so they must place an additional wager equal to their ‘Ante’ wager in the Play designated playing position or fold their hand.

The players now have the option as to either stand or request one additional card only.

When all the players have made their decisions, the Dealer will reveal their card.

The players now have the option of whether or not to place an additional wager called the Insurance wager which must be equal to the player’s ‘Ante’ wager.

The Insurance wager bet is that the Dealer’s hand will fail to achieve a score of 17 or more with three cards. The Dealer with drawn another card to their hand, if their hand is 17 or better they will stand (as in a standard Blackjack game) if not, then they will draw one more card only.

When the Dealer has determined their hand, they will then settle the players’ wagers in accordance with the following, to qualify the Dealer’s hand must be 17 or over.

If the Dealer’s Total is 16 or less, the hand is does not qualify, and the player’s Ante & Play wagers are a stand-off.

If the Dealer’s hand total goes over 21 (busts), the players ‘Ante wagers’ are paid even money (1 – 1), Players wagers are a stand off, and insurance wagers is lost.

If Dealer’s total is between 17 & 21, any winning players hand are paid (1-1) on the Ante and at least ( 1-) on the Play bet (see table below), the insurance wager is lost.

If the Dealers total is 16 or less, then the players Ante and Play wagers are a standoff, but the insurance wager wins at the same as the Play bet if it had won, see table below.


A-K-Q suited 200-1
6-7-8 suited 100-1
7-7-7 Any 40-1
A-K suited 12 -1
A-Q suited 12 -1
A-J suited 12 -1
A-10 suited        12 -1
A-K non-suited 6 -1
A-Q non-suited 6 -1
A-J non-suited 6 -1
A-10 non-suited 6 -1
21 -  2 or 3 cards 1-1
20 -  2 or 3 cards 1-1
19 -  2 or 3 cards 1-1
18 -  2 or 3 cards 1-1
17 -  2 or 3 cards Stand/Push
16 & under – LOSE
Bust – LOSE

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