Fortune8 Baccarat Bonus

Licence type - Licence Required
Trial originated at -

Genting Casinos

Date placed on trial 27th November 2016
Licensee / proprietor -

Genting Casinos

Licensee contact details

Genting Casinos UK Ltd

Genting Club Star City

Watson Road



B7 5SA
Tel: 0121 327 8008

Basic Outline of sidebet rules / how to play

Fortune8 Baccarat Bonus is played to the same rules as a standard game of Baccarat (basic game) and no additional side wager is required.

Each player will in turn take control of the Baccarat Shoe (or act as the Banker on a game where the Dealer draws the cards). Upon dealing a coup where the Banker wins, the player will retain the shoe (continue to act as the banker). After each winning ‘Player’ or ‘Tie’ the shoe will pass to the next player in a clockwise direction. The results of each coup are recorded electronically by the Dealer and displayed live for players.

Any player in control of the shoe (or acting as the Banker) who draws between 8 and 12 consecutive winning Banks will be paid a prize. The prizes for 8 to 11 consecutively drawn winning Banks shall be paid a fixed amount at the table. The prize for 12 consecutively draw winning Banks shall be paid a Progressive Jackpot.

The prizes available and progressive prize are displayed for customers with live updating of the progressive prize fund.

Fixed prizes (8 to 11 consecutive winning banks) are paid immediately. The progressive prize shall be paid from the table but release of the funds will be subject to a delay in order for verification to be completed.


Usual odds paid


No. of Consecutive Winning Bank Hands Prize Amount
Progressive Jackpot - Minimum of £2,000

Sidebet House Edge details

Standard Baccarat House Edge applies.