Chemin De Fer

Licence type - No Licence required
Trial originated at -

Clermont Leisure (UK) Ltd

The Clermont Club

44 Berkeley Square



Date placed on trial - 01 July 2015
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Basic Outline Rules / How to Play

The aim of the game is to reach a score of 9 points or as near to 9 as possible by adding together the values of the two or three cards drawn. The lowest score is zero (Baccarat). Aces count as one point, the picture cards and 10s count as zero and the other cards are worth the value shown on them.

The end score is obtaining by adding together the value of the cards minus 10 wherever possible (8 + 7 = 15 - 10 = 5). The players play against each other, not against the Casino, and the Croupier directs play only, ensuring that the rules are observed and taking a 5% commission of any sums the banker wins for the Casino.

To begin the game at least six players must be sitting at the table, which has eight places. Players who wish to take a place at the table must first ask the Inspector. Players who are standing may also take part in the game within the prescribed limits. One of these limits is that they may only stake the box in front of them and they may not change position during a hand.

The game begins with the player sitting at box no. 1 (banker), who lays a stake equal or higher than the minimum table limit specified by the Inspector. If the banker wins, he may continue, but to stay in the game, he must bet the entire stake (original bet + win). If, on the other hand, the banker loses or retires after at least one valid round (passes the bank on), the hand passes onto the next player (from left to right). A hand is a sequence of one or more rounds (coups).

A hand is a sequence of one or more rounds (coups). At each round the banker takes four cards from the sabot, the first and third are for the "punter" the second and fourth are for the bank. When the cards have been dealt the punter looks at his cards without showing them and decides whether or not to call for a third card by saying "card" or "no card". If the punter has scored 8 or 9, he must announce the number and turn his cards over. If this happens the banker cannot draw a third card and his score is based on the two cards already dealt. After the "punter" has made his play, the banker turns his cards over and draws another card or stands. The player with the highest score wins, i.e. the player whose card score is 9 or nearest to 9. If the banker and the punter draw, the round is considered invalid (égalité). If the "punter" loses, he may keep playing by announcing "banco" again. This excludes the other players from the round.

There are usually only three stakes made in this game:

• Bank only - The punter plays alone against the banker

• Bank with table - The punter bets half the sum staked by the banker

• Individual player stakes

The stakes of the various players play together to cover the bank without exceeding it. With this stake the punters' cards are dealt to the player who has staked the highest sum. Players who wish to take part in a hand must place a stake in front of their own box beyond the dividing line. Stakes placed over the line are worth half their value.

Players are free to abide by or ignore the table shown below, known as the "Rule Table". Those who wish to abide by the Rule Table must tell the Croupier who in turn informs the other players.

The Croupier must always indicate "Rule Table" players as if there is a mistake the customer is safeguarded by the regulations, which state that any rounds that do not comply must be reconstructed by the Inspector according to the Rule Table.

Banco Hand

Total of first two cards Outcome
0,1,2. Draws third card
  Draws when Punto's third card is Stands when Punto's third card is Optional Draw
3 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7. 8 9
4 2,3,4,5,6,7.    
5 5,6,7.   4
6 6,7.    
7 Stands
8 or 9 Declares

Player Hand

Total of first two cards Outcome
With this score Always draws card Does not draw card Declares hand
0,1,2,3,4. *    
5,6,7.   *  
8 or 9     *

• The Pit Boss reserves the right to form tables "at his/her discretion" by assigning places to players who have reserved them.

• Only the Croupier can close betting using the Customary phrase, 'No more bets' and after this players may not change their stakes. All stakes must be laid individually and shall be considered valid only if they consist of chips belonging to the Casino. Any stakes placed after 'No more bets' has been called will not be accepted.

• If the banker decides to withdraw and "pass the deal", the Inspector offers it to any of the players who are willing to start the bank (i.e. with the same amount at which it stood when the last banker retired). The Pit Boss offers the bank in rotation to the players sitting at the table, starting with the player on the right of the last banker. If none of the seated players accept, the bank is then offered to the standing player that "speaks first".

• If no one accepts the bank it is put up for auction and passed onto the player who bids the most. No distinction is made between the players sitting down and standing up. If, however, two or more players bid the same amount, players who are seated take precedence.

• Any cards that appear face up in the shoe are automatically null and void and once a card has left the shoe it may not be put back inside it. It is strictly forbidden to look at the cards as they are being removed from the shoe.

• Players sitting or standing at the table and anyone who is watching are kindly asked not to talk or comment aloud on the progress of the game.

• Any unclaimed stakes or wins shall be raked in by the Inspector and put to one side in compliance with the procedures laid down by the Gaming Management.

• The Inspector has the right to change the minimum stake limits at any time, even during a game, by informing the players verbally.

• It is the Management's right to suspend play at any time.

Usual Odds Paid

The players play against each other, not against the Casino, and the Croupier directs play only, ensuring that the rules are observed and taking a 5% commission of any sums the banker wins for the Casino.

House Edge Details:-

The House will take 5% from any winning Bank Payouts