Lucky Win (Associated Sidebets / Variations)

Licence type - Licence required
Trial originated at -




LS10 1PZ

Date placed on trial - 31 January 2013
Licensee / proprietor -

Galaxy Gaming Inc.  

Licensee contact details -

6767 Spencer Street

Las Vegas, NV 89119

[email protected]


Uk Sales Contact -

John Galajsza

Galaxy Gaming, Inc.

+44 (0) 7703 465488

[email protected]

Basic Outline Rules / How to Play

Lucky WinTM: Rules of Play

Lucky Win Baccarat is a side bet for Punto Banco, where an active player may make a side bet on the player’s hand side, the banker’s hand side, or both the player and banker’s hand sides simultaneously, that a specific hand side will get a low-hand value of 5 or less that will beat an even lower-valued hand against the other side.

Primary Main Bet requirement: Any player making a Lucky Win side bet must also make a table minimum bet on the result of the Punto Banco main hand result, by wagering on either the player’s hand side to win, the banker’s hand side to win, or that the main hand bet will result in a tie. A primary bet must be in place to allow a Lucky Win side bet wager to be active and in play.

Side bet independence: A player who makes any main hand bet (Player-to-win the main hand, or Banker-to-win the main hand, or that the main hand will result in a tie), is free to bet any or either side bet, neither bet, or bet both sides (Player and Banker) before a round of play, without regard or requirement that he bet on the same “hand direction win result” of his main bet’s indication, preference or bias.

Usual Odds Paid

Lucky Win Player Wager;

Player’s 1 in spades wins 500:1
Player’s 1 in other suit wins 200:1
Player’s 1 off suit wins 30:1
Player’s 2 value hand wins 20:1
Player’s 3 value wins 12:1
Player’s 4 value wins 8:1
Player’s 5 value wins - Bonus 5:1

Lucky Win Banker Wager pays;

Banker’s 1 in spades wins 500:1
Banker’s 1 in other suit wins 200:1
Banker’s 1 off suit wins 30:1
Banker’s 2 value wins 20:1
Banker’s 3 value wins 12:1
Banker’s 4 value wins 8:1
Banker’s 5 value wins loss

House Edge Details

Lucky Win Player Wager = 10.01%

Lucky Win Banker Wager = 8.27%