Lucky Draw Baccarat (Associated Sidebets / Variations)

Licence type - Licence required
Trial originated at -

Grosvenor Casinos Limited
Statesman House
Stafferton Way
Maidenhead  SL6 1AY
Tel: 01628 504000

Date placed on trial - 15th July 2011
Licensee / proprietor -

Stephen Au-Yeung

Licensee contact details -

mail: -   [email protected]  or
[email protected] / /

Basic Outline Rules / How to Play

1. “Lucky Draw Baccarat” is a game that combines the basic rules of Punto Banco with the game format of Blackjack. It is a proprietary game licensed by Stephen Au-Yeung.

2. The game is played with eight decks of cards.

3. The object is for the Player’s hand to achieve a score that is higher than the Dealer. However, card values are those used in the standard Punto Banco game (i.e. tens and picture cards count as zero) rather than Blackjack. Unlike Punto Banco, though, in this game each player has their own hand that competes individually against the Dealer’s hand.

4. Players place and opening wager called an “Enter” bet. They may also place the optional side wager called the “Block Bonus” (see below). Wagers are placed in the dedicated betting positions and only one person may wager on each hand.

Block Bonus Wager

5. The Block Bonus wager relates to the first two cards dealt to a Player’s hand compared to the Player’s exposed card. The wager wins depending on the type of “Block” achieved, where one or both of the Player’s two cards is of a higher ranking than the Dealer’s first card. For this wager, the cards have their conventional ranking value (i.e. 10’s and picture cards have their normal ranking and Ace is high).

6. The Block Bonus wager wins, and is paid odds as below. if one of the following are achieved:-

Block Type Block Description
Ultimate Block A Block consisting of two cards of the same rank (a pair) and BOTH are higher and of the same suit as the Dealer’s exposed card.
Pair Block A Block consisting of two cards of the same rank (a pair) both are higher that the Dealer’s exposed card but ONE of them is also of the same suit as the Dealer’s exposed card.
Flush Block A Block consisting of two cards of the same suit and one / both are higher and the same suit as the Dealer’s exposed card.
Normal Block A Block consisting of one card that is higher and in the same suit as the Dealer’s exposed card.

Note - If one of the player cards matches the Dealer’s card in both rank and suit, and the other card either does not match the Dealer’s suit or matches in suit but is equals or lower in rank, then the hand is declared a tie (push).

Below is a table showing some examples of winning and losing Block Bonus hands:-

Player Cards Dealer Cards Outcome For Players
Js, Qc 5d Loss
Js, Qs 5d Loss
Js, Qc Ks Loss
Js, Qs Ks Loss
Js, Js Ks Loss
Js, Qs Qs Push
Js, Qc Qc Push
Js, Js Js Push
Js, Qc 5c Win (Normal Block)
Js, Qs Js Win (Flush Block)
Js, Ks Qs Win (Flush Block)
Js, Jc 5s Win (Pair Block)
Js, Js 5s Win (Ultimate Block)

Initial Deal

7. The Dealer deals two cards, face up, to each player from left to right, and two cards to themselves, of which the first card will be dealt face down and the second face up.

8. The Dealer then settles any Block Bonus wagers.

Drawing additional cards

9. Once all Block Bonus wagers have been settled, Player to make their decisions whether to draw one additional card to their hand or to stand on the two cards originally dealt.

10. If the Player wishes to draw a card, they must place a “Draw” bet of an equal amount to their “Enter” bet. The wager must be placed in the “Draw” betting area. Each player may receive one further card only (i.e. three in total).

11. When all Players have made their decisions, the Dealer will reveal their second card to determine their own hand. If the score is four points or lower, they must draw a third card. If the score is five or higher, the Dealer’s hand must stand.

12. The Player wins if their hand has a score that is higher than the Dealer, but loses if it is lower. Tied hands are declared a stand-off. Winning hands are paid odds, as below.

Usual Odds Paid

Winning “Enter” wagers are paid even money, whilst winning “Draw” wagers are paid as follows, depending on the score achieved:-

Hand Normal odds for Draw wager
3-card score of 9 (“lucky 9”) 3 - 1
3-card score of 8 (“lucky 8”)

2 - 1

3 card score of 7 (“lucky 7”) 3 - 2
3 card score of 1 to 6 Even money

House Edge Details

3.4% on the main game and 5.32% on the Block Bonus.