Double Chance Baccarat (Associated Sidebets / Variations)

Licence type - No Licence required
Trial originated at -

Aspinalls Club Limited
27-28 Curzon Street

London W1J 7TJ
Date placed on trial - 20th December 2011
Licensee / proprietor - Aspinalls

Licensee contact details -

Howard Aldridge


Basic Outline Rules / How to Play

This is a new variant on the traditional Punto Banco, called Double Chance Baccarat, which will feature additional winning chances.

When players are playing Double Chance Baccarat, they will receive winnings at the table on their Bank or Player bets, whenever there is an Egalité. All other rules for traditional Punto Banco will remain the same.

Double Chance Baccarat Winnings

Players playing DCB will be paid winnings on all Bank and Player bets whenever there is an Egalite. These DCB Egalite winnings will be paid even though the player has not placed an Egalite bet. If the player does not have a bet on Bank or Player then there are no DCB Egalite winnings.

The DCB Egalité winnings will be paid between 2% (Minimum) and 10%(Maximum) of the players original Bank or Player stake.

When the hand is an Egalité, the Dealer will:

• If there is an Egalité bet, pay that bet in the traditional manner, i.e. 8 – 1.

• Then make the payment for the DCB Egalité winnings.

Usual odds paid

The DCB Egalité winnings will be paid between 2% (Minimum) and 10% (Maximum) of the player's original stake.

No additional winnings will paid for a traditional Egalité bet, irrespective of whether it is on its own or wagered in conjunction with a Bank/Player bet.

House Edge Details

The details of the House Edge for Double Chance Baccarat are as follows:

Hand Banker House Edge Player House Edge Tie House Edge
Traditional Punto Banco 1.1692% 1.3650% 14.3596%
Double Chance Baccarat 2% (Min)   0.9588% 1.1546% 14.3596%
Double Chance Baccarat 10% (Max) 0.1175% 0.3133% 14.3596%