Bust Out

Licence type Licence required
Status -
Trial originated at

Rainbow Casino

Date placed on trial August 2015
Licensee / proprietor - Game Remix Ltd
Licensee contact details

Arthur Brady

104 Westminster Road




Tel +44 (0) 7733677907

E [email protected]

Basic Outline of sidebet rules / how to play

Bust out BJ except for the new 'Bust Out' side bet options explained below is played using all of the same Casino rules and procedures as conventional Blackjack a follows after you have placed your normal Casino limits BJ wager and cards have been dealt, then when the dealer visits on your turn if you score "12 to 16" in your first "2 or 3 cards only" then if you desire you can say 'Bust Out' to the dealer and have your BJ cards removed in favour of having Bust Out wagers instead.

You might choose to Bust Out rather than the options of surrendering, Standing or drawing any further cards, the latter of which could lead to you either busting or may Still leave you having to stand anyway with an undesirable low total

If you choose to Bust Out the dealer will then remove your cards and place your original wager onto the dividing line of your Hi - Lo bet box, the dealer will then move away to the next player in turn giving you time to complete the following Bust Out procedures yourself:

Busting out - 1st you must slide your original wager from the dividing line, onto your Hi or Lo bet box choice, and if you desire raise the stake on top of your original wager (casino limits will apply), you can also if desired place an optional bet (Casino limits apply) onto one or more of your Heart, Club, Diamond or Spade 3-1 bet boxes.

Settling Bust Out bet results are determined by 1 card that the dealer will deal from the card shoe at the end of the dealing cycle, after normal BJ hands have been settled first, the dealer will say whether the Bust Out decider card is Hi (8 to King) or Lo (Ace to 6), if any 7 should result, then this will be a Hi & Lo wager push, the dealer will also state what the Suit of the Bust Out decider card is, and will then proceed to pay or to clear any Bust Out wagers via these results, there is no push in regard to 'suit wagers'.

Other Game Information you cannot Bust Out if your 1st 2 cards dealt are any (equal number value pair) or if the dealers face up base card is (any Ace) if the dealer base card is any Ace then the dealer will state (no bust out bets) and all players must play a normal Blackjack hand on that particular dealing cycle, you cannot Bust Out if choosing to double down or to stand you can however if you desire place either a Hi or Lo wager, and also a 3-1 Suit wager yourself without having to say Bust Out to the dealer, but only if your cards have 1st been removed by the dealer via a "busted hand" or by winning a "21 Blackjack".


Blackjack pays 1-1- a 21 none Blackjack pays 1-1- Bust Out- Hi & Lo bets pay 1-1

Insurance bet pays 2-1- any Bust Out- Card Suit symbol bet pays 3-1

House Edge details

House edge 6 decks = 2.75%