Blackjack Switch - (Associated Sidebets / Variations)

Name of sidebet Triple Attack Blackjack
Licence type Licence required
Status -
Trial originated at The Casino At The Empire
Date placed on trial August 2012
Licensee / proprietor - England Casino Supplies
Licensee contact details

Lewis Wright
England Casino Supplies
Unit 14, Penraevons Industrial Est,
Meanwood Road,
(T) +44 (0) 113 2370303 (UK)
(M) +44 (0) 7887740281 (UK)


Basic Outline of sidebet rules / how to play

A variation of Blackjack which is played with 8 decks where all the 10’s are removed. A Players’ Blackjack, score of 21 and un-busted 6 cards or more totals beats any Dealers’ score including a Blackjack, if won is paid even money (1-1).

If a Dealer’s total is equal to the Player’s total this is a standoff. If the Player’s have a score of 20 or less and the Dealer busts with a score of 22 this is a standoff.

Player’s can double after any number of cards and all cards are dealt face up. If double or splitting all Attack wagers must be matched.

After Players’ have placed their First Attack wager, they receive one card face up. They will then have the option as to whether or not to place an additional wager equal to their First Attack wager called the Second Attack wager. When this decision has been made, the Dealer will deal themselves their first card face up.

Players then have the option of placing another additional wager again equal to their First Attack wager called the Third Attack wager. When this decision has been made, the Dealer will deal the players their second card face up.

Suited Royals is that the player’s first two cards will be a King - Queen suited; two suited picture (face) cards or a two card flush.

Triple Match is that the player’s first two cards combined with the Dealer’s first card will be a Suited Three of a Kind, Three of a Kind, a Suited Pair or pair.


If won, all Triple Attack wagers placed are paid even money (1-1)

If won, Insurance is paid at odds of 2 – 1 if off –suited Blackjack, or 5- 1 if suited Blackjack.

Suited Royals
King- Queen Suited 10 – 1
Two-suited picture cards 2  - 1
Two card flush 40 – 1
Triple Match
Suited Three of a Kind 150 – 1
Three of a Kind 20 – 1
Suited Pair 4 - 1
Pair 2 - 1

House Edge details


8 Decks best technique is 1.07%
Soft 17 option 1.29%
Suited Royals side bet is 3.13%
Triple Match side bet is 5.69%
Insurance is 6.01%

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