HighHand Blackjack™ - (Associated Sidebets / Variations)

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Games Marketing Ltd
60 High St, Wimbledon Village, London, SW19 5EE

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Sam Williams

Office : +44 (0) 208 879 4205
Mobile: +44 (0) 7776 243 501
[email protected]

Basic Outline of sidebet rules / how to play

HIGHHAND BLACKJACK™ is a standard blackjack game, played with between 1-8 decks. Any time there are two or more players on the game, each player must play the HIGHHAND BLACKJACK™ Pot Bet wager, in addition to their normal Blackjack wager.

The following are the rules for making the HIGHHAND BLACKJACK™ Pot Bet wager:

- All players will wager the same amount for the HIGHHAND BLACKJACK™ Pot Bet wager, to be determined by the casino.

- The dealer will place a button in front of the first player to the dealer’s left, which moves right to the next player after each round in regular rotation.

- All players must make the pot wager before the dealer deals the cards.

- The dealer collects all the pot wagers and places them in the centre of the table on the designated HIGHHAND BLACKJACK™ Pot position.

- If the player should split their paired hand, they must make an additional pot wager equal to the required HIGHHAND BLACKJACK™ Pot Bet wager for each split made.

- Player cannot hit any 21.

Pot Rules

- The HIGHHAND BLACKJACK™ Pot Bet wager is independent of the Blackjack hand and is settled after ALL Blackjack hands are played out. The pot can only be won by one player, the one with the highest blackjack value hand.

- Players must play the underlying game to be allowed to play the HIGHHAND BLACKJACK™ Pot Bet.

- There is NO Mid Pot Entry or Re-Entry.

- “Blackjack” and 21 are considered the same value when determining the HIGHHAND BLACKJACK™ Pot.


- The HIGHHAND BLACKJACK™ Pot will roll over into the next round if any of the following events occur during the game.

• A tie between two or more players for the highest hand.

• All of the players bust.

• If a player should split their cards and tie themselves with the highest hand.

• If the dealer has the highest hand or ties the highest player hand.

- To win a HIGHHAND BLACKJACK™ Pot that rolls over one or more times, players must participate in each Pot round to be eligible to win the HIGHHAND BLACKJACK™ Pot.

- Once the dealer has determined that a single player has the highest hand, they will acknowledge that player as the winner of the pot. The dealer will then count down the pot and push the pot to the winning player.


All odds are the same as regular Blackjack.

The size of the HIGHHAND BLACKJACK™ Pot is dependent on the number of players playing, the wager amount determined by the casino and the number of rollovers.

House Edge details

The overall house edge is exactly the same as regular Blackjack. The HIGHHAND BLACKJACK™ Pot is always won by the player.