Blackjack Aces - (Associated Sidebets / Variations)

Licence type Licence required
Trial originated at Genting Casinos
Date placed on trial January 2015
Licensee / proprietor - Genting Casinos UK
Licensee contact details

Company number 01519689,

Registered Office Genting Club Star City,

Watson Road,


England, B7 5SA,

Basic Outline of sidebet rules / how to play

The game is played with 6 decks and the normal rules of Blackjack apply. A Blackjack Aces bet cannot be placed unless a standard Blackjack bet is made.

A progressive wager is placed on a sensor linked to a Jackpot Meter. Each wager placed has a percentage attributed to 3 separate Jackpot totals. These jackpots are referred to as 'Mini', 'Major' and 'Mega' Jackpots.

Blackjack Aces begin to reward players if their first card dealt is an Ace. The odds then increase with the more consecutive Aces that are dealt to that hand. In the case of a split hand the Aces must still be dealt consecutively.

If the first card is not an Ace, the wager loses. Winning Blackjack Aces wagers shall be paid out at odds shown below and is dependent on the amount of Aces in their hand.

Winning Jackpot hands consisting of 4 Aces pay a 'Mini' Jackpot, 4 Aces same colour pay the 'Major' Jackpot and 4 Aces suited pay 'Mega' Jackpot.

Additionally if a player on the table receives a Mini, Major or Mega Jackpot payment, all other Players that have placed a Blackjack Aces wager during the same hand will receive a "Buddy Bonus" payout, whether or not their hand has won or lost. The Buddy Bonus is shall not be available for the Player receiving the Mini, Major or Mega Jackpot payout.


All progressive wagers are retained by the Casino

1 Ace – £5

2 Aces – £25

3 Aces – £100

4 Aces – 100% of Mini Jackpot

4 Red Aces or 4 Black Aces – 100% of Major Jackpot

4 Suited Aces – 100% of Mega Jackpot

Buddy Bonus

- Mini Jackpot = £100

- Major Jackpot = £100

- Mega Jackpot = £1,000

House Edge details