Genting Bonus Bet - Pairs

Licence type Licence required
Trial originated at

Genting Casinos

Date placed on trial 25 January 2016
Licensee / proprietor - Genting Casinos
Licensee contact details

Genting Casinos UK Ltd

Genting Club Star City

Watson Road



B7 5SA

Tel: 0121 327 8008

Basic Outline of sidebet rules / how to play

Pairs is an optional side wager on the standard game of Blackjack. The object of the game is for the player to achieve a pair of the same value with their first two cards. The player must have placed a standard Blackjack wager in order to place a 'Pairs' wager. Pay-outs are made on the following hands being achieved:

Mixed Pair – Pair of the same value but different colour suit (1 black and 1 red card). Same Colour Pair – Pair of same value with different suits of the same colour (e.g. 1 spade and 1 club). Same Suit Pair – Pair of the same value and same suit (e.g. 2 kings of hearts)

The result on a Pairs wager is not dependant on the outcome of the standard Blackjack hand. Any other result than those shown above will result in a losing Pairs wager.

The game shall be dealt with six decks of cards


Mixed Pair = 5:1

Same Colour Pair = 10:1

Same Suit Pair = 30:1

House Edge details

House Edge 5.8%