Blackjack - Bust Bonus - (Associated Sidebets / Variations)

Name of sidebet Bust Bonus
Licence type Licence required
Status -
Trial originated at

LS10 1PZ

Date placed on trial 29 November 2012
Licensee / proprietor -


Licensee contact details

Galaxy Gaming Inc
6980 O’Bannon Drive. Las Vegas Nevada 89117
[email protected]

Uk Sales Contact
England Casino Supplies
Unit 4 Penraevon Industrial Est, Leeds, LS7 2AW
+44 (0) 113 2622030
[email protected]

Basic Outline of sidebet rules / how to play

Bust Bonus is a trademarked blackjack variation game, the rights to which are owned by Galaxy Gaming, Inc., of Las Vegas, Nevada and distributed by England Casino Supplies. Bust Bonus shall be dealt and played following the standard rules of blackjack, except as follows:

(1) Bust Bonus shall be played using six standard 52 card decks and is dealt from a dealing shoe or CSM.

(2) Player makes their standard blackjack wager in accordance with established local procedures.

(3) After all players and the dealer have received their first two cards, the player’s act on their hands, as described in the standard blackjack rules.

(4) After all the players have acted on their hands but prior to the dealer acting on their hand players have the opportunity to bet a second optional wager “Bust Bonus” in even amounts within the posted relevant minimums and maximums but not exceeding their primary Blackjack wager.

(5) The dealer then acts on their hand as described in the standard blackjack rules.

(6) As wagers on the standard game of blackjack are settled, the dealer shall also settle the Bust Bonus wagers which will pay in the Dealers hand busts and with bonus payouts according to the pay schedule. The pay schedule shall appear on the table layout or on signage at the table.

(7) At the discretion of the retail licensee, players who have placed Bust Bonus wagers and have already placed a dealer toke on the blackjack wager, may be permitted to place tip bets for the dealer on that Bust Bonus bet. If such tip wagers are accepted, winning Bust Bonus wagers must be paid at the same odds as the player’s winning wagers. The retail licensee may require tip wagers to be in an even amounts, and may limit the maximum amount of such tip wagers.


Pay Table
Bust with Ace up 3 50
Bust with 2 up 1 25
Bust with 3 up 1 15
Bust with 4 up 1 10
Bust with 5 up 1 5
Bust with 6 up 1 3
Bust with 7 up 2 15
Bust with 8 up 2 10
Bust with 9 up 2 20
Bust with 10 up 2 20
Bust with 888 25 75

House Edge details

Overall Stand all 17s – 10.2% House Edge

Overall Hit soft 17 – 7.9% House Edge