Two Up - (basic game)

Name of sidebet - N/A
Licence type - No Licence required
Status - N/A
Date Placed on Trial 24th June 2011
Trial originated at -

Grosvenor Casinos Ltd (G-Casino Coventry)

Licensee / proprietor - N/A
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Basic Outline of sidebet rules / how to play

“Two Up” is a long established Australian game which is very simple to play, being essentially a wager on the toss of two coins. The options are either that both will be “Heads”, both will be “Tails” or that there will be five successive spins where one of each lands (“Odds”). Slightly different rules apply to the “Spinner” who alone wagers on whether three successive Heads or Tails will be spun (see below). As it is a traditional game in the public domain, no licence is required to play it.

Players simply wager an amount up to the table maximum on one or more of the three betting options, being “Heads” “Tails” or “Five Odds”. More than one player may wager on each position.

The Spinner places a wager in their own dedicated betting area before their first spin. This will be a wager on either “Heads” or “Tails” (i.e. not on Five Odds). The Spinner alone will win if:-


• When betting on “Heads” they spin three consecutive Heads before spinning Tails or five consecutive Odds.

• When betting on “Tails” they spin three consecutive Tails before spinning Heads or five consecutive Odds.

The number of consecutive Heads or Tails may include one or more spins of “Odds” in between (e.g. H,H,O,H). However, if five consecutive Odds are spun, the Spinner’s wager will always lose and they will hand over the role to the next player. They will similarly relinquish the role of Spinner if they do not achieve three consecutive spins of their chosen outcome before the alternate outcome occurs. (e.g. a Tails spun before three Heads when the Spinner has bet on Heads).

If the Spinner wins, and achieves the three consecutive outcomes on which they wagered, they then have the option either to continue as Spinner for the next round of wagers or to relinquish the role of Spinner to the next player.

The Coins and spin

Two “real” coins are used of at about one inch in diameter. The “tail” of each coin is painted clearly with a white cross so that the outcome of a spin can be clearly seen.

Coins are spun from “the Kip”, which is a flat piece of wood of approximately 15cm in length by 3cm wide. The Spinner must flick the coins upwards from the Kip to a height of at least 30cm above their heads.

Spin outcomes

If two Heads are spun, then wagers on “Heads” win, whilst wagers on “Tails” or “Five Odds” lose. Similarly, if two “Tails” are spun, then wagers on Heads and Five Odds lose.

If one head and one tail is spun (“Odds”) all bets on Heads or Tails are “locked in” whilst the coins are spun again.

If “Odds” is spun a second, third or fourth time, bets continue to be locked in and the coins are re-spun until two Heads or Tails occur. However, if five consecutive “Odds” are spun, all Heads or Tails wagers lose and wagers on the “Five Odds” section win.

Usual Odds Paid:


Winning Heads or Tails wagers are paid even money.

Winning wagers on Five Odds are paid at 25-1.


Winning Spinner wagers on either three Heads or three Tails are paid odds of 7 1/2 to 1.

House Edge Details:-

Heads or tails 3.125%

Five odds – 18.75%

Spinner 3 heads or tails 3.4%