D – T Dice - (Associated Sidebets / Variations)

Name of sidebet - D – T Dice
Licence type - Licence required
Status - N/A
Trial originated at -

Casino at the Empire

Date placed on trial - October 2011
Licensee / proprietor - Galaxy Gaming Inc.
Licensee contact details

6767Spencer Street

Las Vegas, NV 89119

[email protected]



Uk Sales Contact -

John Galajsza

Galaxy Gaming, Inc.

+44 (0) 7703 465488

[email protected]


Basic Outline of sidebet rules / how to play

This is a wager that when the dice are determined at the start of the game on Pai Gow tiles, the three dice shaken will contain either a double or triple.

• Two of the three dice will contain the same point value (e.g. two 5’s, two 3’s etc)

• All three dice will have the same point value (e.g. three 2’s, three 6’s etc)

Note if the there is a triple point value players will only be paid for that hand and not the double as well.

Usual odds paid

If won

• Double 1 to 1

• Triple 4 to 1

House Edge details


Minimum / Maximum Wager Guidance

Minimum should be the same as the PG Tiles minimum

Maximum should be from 25% to 100% of PG Tiles maximum


  Combinations Odds Wins Payback
Triples 6 4 to 1 24 30
Doubles 90 1 to 1 90 180
Mixed 120 loss 0 0
Totals 216     210

House advantage 6 / 216 = 2.78%

Changes to PG Tiles Procedure

Side bets placed before dice shaken

All side bets resolved in standard rotation prior to tiles being distributed