One For The Money - (Basic Game)

Licence type - Licence required
Trial originated at -

Aspers Stratford London

Date placed on trial

1st April 2014
Licensee / proprietor -

Shufflemaster inc

Licensee contact details

1106 Palms Airport Drive, Las Vegas NV 89119-3730 USA. Tel: 1(702)897 7150 Email: [email protected]

Basic Outline of sidebet rules / how to play

One for the Money is a multi-deck game that features head-to-head play against the dealer and an optional bonus bet.

The object for players is to get a higher card than the dealer's two cards. Players have several options after receiving their card: They may check, raise or draw a second card.

Cards are ranked in standard order: Ace is high and 2 is low.

Rules and Dealing Procedures

1. One for the Money is dealt with six or eight decks of 52 cards.

2. To start the game, players must make the Ante against the dealer. They may also make the optional Perfect Match bet. Those bets do not have to be equal.

3. The dealer, working clockwise from his left to his right, will give each player one card face up and himself two cards face down.

4. The dealer, again working clockwise from his left to his right, will give each player the following options:

a. Check (do nothing); or

b. Make a Raise bet for 1x the Ante; or

c. Draw another card by making the Trade wager for 1x the Ante.

i. The dealer will first remove the traded card and then replace it with the next one out of the shuffler or shoe.

ii. The Player then can stand or has an additional option to place a Raise wager equal to their ante.

5. Once all players have acted, the dealer reveals his two cards and places the higher-value card in the Play area.

6. The dealer, working counter-clockwise from his right to his left, will reconcile the action.

7. If the player's card is higher than the dealer's final card, the Ante, Raise (if applicable) and Trade (if applicable) bets win.

8. If the dealer's final card is higher than the player's, the Ante, Raise (if applicable) and Trade (if applicable) bets lose.

9. Ties push.

10. The Perfect Match bet is based on the dealer's the two cards and the player's one card at the end of the game. The bet wins if the player has one of the following hands:

Usual odds paid

Hand Paytable 1
Suited 3 of a kind 100 to 1
3 of a kind 30 to 1
Player's Card Matches a Dealer's Card 10 to 1
Player's Card Ties a Dealer's Card 3 to 1

House Edge details

- Main game: 3.6% (Perfect Strategy), 3.82% (Basic Strategy)

- Perfect Match side bet: 6.4%.