Switch Match - (basic game)

Name of sidebet - N/A
Licence type - No Licence Required but approval for use from game proprietor required.
Status -  
Date Placed on Trial March 2013
Trial originated at -


Licensee / proprietor - Perceptive Games Limited
Licensee contact details

Office : +44 (0)1582 - 512 988 (UK) Mobile : +44(0)7905- 411 390 (UK) Fax : +44 (0)1582 - 512 988 (UK)

Basic Outline of sidebet rules / how to play

Switch Match is a bankers' card game played with customised playing cards normally offered on a kidney shaped table similar to a Blackjack table.

The game is played by an individual against the dealer.

The game offers a mandatory bet and an optional bet; the Match bet is compulsory and must be placed to commence the game. The optional Bonus bet, must be placed prior to the cards being dealt. The Bonus bet cannot be played in isolation.

The game is played using a customised playing card deck containing 240 cards with each card displaying a "Top" value and "Back" (bottom) value. The lowest value is one (Ace) the highest value is six.

Switch Match offers the player two games, the Match game and the Bonus game.

The Match game offers the player the chance to match their chosen total with the dealer's total to win.

The Bonus game makes use of the numbers and the suits offering new and original bonus hands with the chance to win up to 90 to 1 off a single bet.

The Match Game

Any Match Pays: Evens

Match Plus pays: 3 to 2

Match'em pays: 5 to 1

Match'em 9-9 pays: 15 to 1

The Bonus Game

Straight Pays: 3 to 1

2 Pair Pays: 6 to 1

Colour Straight Pays: 3 to 1 *

2 Pair Colour Pays: 6 to 1 *

Flush Pays: 10 to 1 *

Straight Flush Pays: 36 to 1*

Bonus Match Capable Hands *

Bonus Match Wins Pay 3 to 2

House Edge Details:-

All mathematics have been independently verified with an overall house edge of 1.73% on the Match Game (optimal play) and between 4.45% to 5.01% on the bonus game the details of which are available on request.