Pocket Pairs - (Associated Sidebets / Variations)

Name of sidebet - Pocket Pairs
Licence type - Licence Required
Status -  
Trial originated at - Genting Casinos

Date placed on trial

Licensee / proprietor - New AR – James Howard
Licensee contact details

Website: www.new-ar.com
Email:  [email protected]
Tel:      07985 639339

Basic Outline of sidebet rules / how to play

Pocket Pairs is a bankers game played as part of an equal chance card room Poker game.

It can be played only on tables displaying the ‘Pocket Pair’ layout. ‘Pocket Pairs’ may be offered on any card room poker game of equal chance where the Players are dealt two cards in the initial deal.

The object of the game is to receive a ‘same’ colour or ‘mixed’ colour pair of cards from the initial two cards dealt to the Player. For this particular wager the Player is playing against the pay table and not against the Dealer or another Player. However all cards must still remain concealed until the conclusion of the hand.

Prior to any cards being dealt, the Player has the opportunity to place an optional side bet of the ‘Pocket Pairs’ wager. The ‘Pocket Pair’ wager is of an amount within the table minimums/maximums. Once the ‘Ante’ and/or ‘Big and Little Blind’ bets have been placed, the Dealer will ask the table if there are any Pocket Pair bets. Bets shall be collected from the players and placed in the corresponding Pocket Pair position in front of the Dealer to ensure the Dealer remains aware of which player has placed a ‘Pocket Pair’ bet.

Once all bets have been made the deal will commence as per normal for the desired Poker game. After this point no Pocket Pair wager may be altered or touched by a Player or any new Pocket Pair wagers accepted by the Dealer.

If a Player has made a bet on the ‘Pocket Pairs’ and consequently folds their hand, the cards remain in front of the Dealer in the designated area corresponding to the Player’s seating position, face down, until the conclusion of the hand. Should the Player wish to fold their hand and forfeit their ‘Pocket Pairs’ wager then the Dealer will place their cards in the ‘muck’ and the ‘Pocket Pair’ wager will be taken into the float.

After the final round of betting, all Players who remain in the game reveal their hands (the showdown). The Dealer will then determine who holds the winning hand and the pot will be distributed accordingly.

Following the settlement of the pot, working from left (seating position 1) to right the Dealer begins to settle the Players Pocket Pairs wagers. Each wager is dealt within strict rotation. All hands are exposed and should a Player indicate that they do not want their cards exposed then the Dealer will ‘clearly and verbally’ advise them that their cards are Pocket Pairs bet is forfeited.

Usual odds paid

Same Colour Pair Mixed Colour Pair
Pays Pays
25/1 11/1


23/1 11/1


22/1 12/1
21/1 12/1
21/1 13/1
20/1 13/1
19/1 13/1
19/1 14/1
18/1 14/1
17/1 14/1

House Edge details

Same Colour Pair Mixed Colour Pair House Edge
Pays Pays  
25/1 11/1 1.96%


23/1 11/1 5.88%


22/1 12/1 3.92%
21/1 12/1 5.88%
21/1 13/1 1.96%
20/1 13/1 3.92%
19/1 13/1 5.88%
19/1 14/1 1.96%
18/1 14/1 3.92%
17/1 14/1 5.88%