Qilin - (Basic Game)

Licence type - Licence required
Trial originated at -

Grosvenor Casinos Limited
Statesman House
Stafferton Way
Maidenhead  SL6 1AY
Tel: 01628 504000

Date placed on trial

September 2011
Licensee / proprietor -

International Casino Systems Europe BV

Licensee contact details

Kingsfordweg 151
1043GR Amsterdam
Tel:  +31 (0) 20 491 71 30
Email  [email protected]

Basic Outline of sidebet rules / how to play

1. “Qilin” (pronounced Kee-Lin) is a simple dice game based on predicting whether a particular symbol will appear on one of the three bespoke dice used in the game.

2. The game uses three, specially designed coloured dice that are housed in a sealed tumbler. The dice are coloured red, green and blue and each contains a different amount of “Q” symbols and Chinese numbers, broken down as below:-


Green Dice – One x Q, 1 x “1”, 2 x “2” and 2 x “3”

Blue Dice – Two x Q, 3 x “1”, 1 x “2”

Red Dice – Three x Q, 2 x “1”, 1 x “3”

3. Players place wagers on two separate areas of the layout, as there are two aspects of the game. The first is to simply predict that a “Q” symbol will appear on a particular coloured dice. The more “Q” symbols there are on the dice, the more chance there is that it will appear, and odds are paid accordingly.

4. Players place wagers on the betting areas marked for the three coloured dice. They may place wagers on more than one colour if they wish.

5. Alternatively, the Player may wager that all three dice will display a “Q” symbol, which is called “Qilin”. Bets are therefore placed in the “Qilin” betting area. If Qilin is thrown, lower odds are paid on wagers placed on the coloured “Q”s.

6. The second betting option is to predict the total score of the Chinese symbols across the three dice. Because the numbers on each dice only range between 1 and 3, and one dice does not have a three, the maximum score possible is eight (3,3 and 2). The minimum score is one (1 plus two Q’s). If Qilin is thrown, all wagers on the total scores of 1 to 8 lose.


7. The game is played with three dice which are sealed into a tumbler. The tumbler comes with a cover so that the dice can be tumbled before bets or placed (as is often favoured by the Chinese) or left off so that the dice are tumbled after wagers have been place. It is at management discretion which approach is used. If a player requests an alternative approach to that in use, all players at the table must agree before approval may be given to change.

8. The tumbler will tumble the dice for sixteen seconds before a warning light displays to indicate there are five seconds left. When the tumbler in uncovered, this is the indicator to announce “no more bets”.

9. The game also comes with an electronic scoreboard to display the result to all players, along with information on previous games. The Dealer must input the result after each game.


10. Customer wagers are made in value chips.

Usual odds paid


Wagers on Qilin (3 x Q) 34 to 1

Wagers on the “Q” symbol appearin on the colour selected (with and without a Qilin):-


Green “Q” 5 to 1 (If Qilin thrown – 4 to 1)

Blue “Q” 2 to 1 (If Qilin thrown – Even money)

Red “Q” – Even money (If Qilin thrown – stands)


Odds on specific total scores are as follows:-

Score of 1 Pays 10 – 1
Score of 2 Pays

5 – 1

Score of 3 Pays 3 - 1
Score of 4 Pays 3 - 1
Score of 5 Pays 5 - 1
Score of 6 Pays 13 - 1
Score of 7 Pays 25 - 1
Score of 8 Pays 100 - 1

House Edge details

All colour Q wagers – 2.78% (including all three Qs)

Score of 1 3.24%
Score of 2 5.56%
Score of 3 5.56%
Score of 4 5.56%
Score of 5 2.78%
Score of 6 2.78%
Score of 7 3.70%
Score of 8 6.48%