XX Poker - (Poker Variant)

Licence type - Licence required
Trial originated at -

Grosvenor Casinos Ltd
Statesman House
Stafferton Way
Berks SL6 1AY
Tel: 01628 504000

Licensee / proprietor -

Geoff Hall – Customised Games Ltd

Date placed on trial 15th July 2011
Licensee contact details

323 Haslucks Green Road
Solihull, Warwickshire B90 2NF

Tel: 0121 604 7453
e-mail: [email protected]

Basic Outline of sidebet rules / how to play

1. The game is played with one standard deck of 52 cards. The aim is a combination of achieving the best conventional five card poker hand, but with an additional contest beforehand, where individual cards in the Player’s hand compete against the Dealer.

2. All Players must first place a wager in the “Play” betting position. They may also place an optional “Mix and Max” side-wager at the same time in the dedicated betting position.

3. The Dealer will deal three cards, face down, to each Player and three to themselves. However, of their own three cards, the first two will be placed in two of the three boxes (from their left) marked on the layout in front of them, and the third card in the “Mix and Match” box. (The Dealer’s third box (on their right) will therefore remain empty for this first stage of the game).

4. Players determine whether to place an “Add on” wager. If they do, they may place a wager of up to half their original Play bet in the “Add on” betting position. If not, they may remain with just their “Play” wager.

5. Whilst Players may choose not to place an “Add On” Wager, they may NOT fold. All Players remain in the game regardless of their hand.

6. The Dealer will then reveal the first of their two cards, being the card in the left hand box.

7. Each Player must then decide whether any of their three cards can beat the Dealer’s exposed card, being of the same suit and of a higher ranking. If so, they will place that card face up in the first of the squares in front of them (on their left). If not, they will keep hold of all three cards.

8. Ace is low for the Dealer and high for the Player, so a Player with a two will beat a Dealer’s Ace of the same suit, whilst a Player’s Ace will beat a Dealer King of the same suit.

9. The Dealer will move the “Play” and “Add On” wagers one position forward for all Players who have shown a higher second card than their own.

10. The Dealer will then reveal their second card .

11. The Players must then decide whether any of their two (or three) remaining cards is of the same suit and higher ranking than the Dealer’s second card. If so, they must place the card, face up, in the first or second box in front of them (depending on whether they placed a card in the first round).

12. The Dealer will again move the “Play” and “Add On” wagers one position forward for all Players who have shown a higher second card than their own.

13. However, in this second round, if the Player’s wagers are already in the x2 circle, (having beaten the Dealer’s first card), they will now be moved by the Dealer to the x5 position. However, if they did not beat the Dealer’s first card but now beat the second, the wagers will be moved one space to the x2 position from the initial “Play” and “Add On” position. If the Player did not have a card that beats either the Dealer’s first or second card, the Player will retain all three remaining cards and their wagers will not be moved from the “Play” and “Add on” positions. (Note, once a Player is on the x5, they are guaranteed at least a “push”).

14. Each Player must then place all their remaining cards they are holding in the three squares in front of them. That might be all three or just the one or two cards remaining after the earlier contests.

15. The Dealer will then reveal the “Mix and Match” card.

16. Winning “Mix and Match” wagers are where the Player’s three cards are combined with the Mix and Match card and either all four are of different suits (a “Mix”) or all four are of the same suit (a “Match”).

17. After settling the Mix and Match wagers, the Dealer will then place their two cards and the Mix and Match card in the discard.

18. The Dealer will then deal three new cards face up in the three boxes in front of them. These are now communal cards used to make the best poker hand for each Player.

19. The Dealer will assess the best five card hand for each Player, drawing from the Player’s three cards and the three new communal cards dealt in front of the Dealer. The minimum winning hand (unless the Player is on x5), is a Pair of Jacks. Winning hands are paid against the pay table below, with better odds paid depending on whether the Player’s wagers are in the Play / Add on, “x2” or “x5” betting positions:

20. If a Player’s wager is on the x5 circle, their bet will not lose, regardless of the hand. As a minimum, it will be a “push”, and will otherwise pay the odds given in the pay table above for two pairs or higher.

21. If the Player’s cannot make at least a Pair of Jack’s from the six available cards, they will lose.

Usual Odds Payable

Mix and Match Wagers


Winning Mix wagers normally pay odds of 6-1 and winning Max wagers 20-1.

Winning Poker Wagers on final Game


  Odds for Play / Add on Odds for x2 Odds for x5
ROYAL FLUSH 250-1 500-1 1250-1
STRAIGHT FLUSH 100 to 1 200-1 500-1
FOUR-OF-A-KIND 20-1 40-1 100-1
FULL HOUSE 7 to 1 14-1 35-1
FLUSH 5 to 1 10-1 25-1
STRAIGHT 3 to 1 6-1 15-1
THREE-OF-A-KIND 1 to 1 2-1 5-1
TWO PAIRS 1 to 2 1-1 5-2
PAIR OF Jacks Push Push Push
Any hand (for x5 players only) n/a n/a Push

House Edge details

1.97% for the main game and

3.24% for the 'Mix & Match'.