All 6 - (Side bet of Three Card Poker)

Licence type - Licence required
Status -  
Trial originated at -

Manchester 235

Great Northern

2 Watson Street


M3 4LP

Date placed on trial 5th September 2014
Licensee / proprietor -



Licensee contact details


Galaxy Gaming Inc

6980 O’Bannon Drive. Las Vegas Nevada 89117 001.702.939.3254

[email protected]


England Casino Supplies

Unit 4 Penraevon Industrial Est, Leeds, LS7 2AW

+44 (0) 113 8054518

[email protected]

Basic Outline of how to play

The basic rules of Three Card Poker Prime apply. However, the player has the option to place a wager on the "All 6" side bet, which allows the player to bet on the combined player and dealer hand making a qualifying All 6 hand. The player MUST place an Ante or Pair Plus bet in order to make an All 6 bet. If the player places an All 6 wager and the 3 cards of the players hand combined with the dealers 3 cards forms one of the qualifying winning hands then the side bet will win and be paid odds as below. the Player's hand does not meet these criteria, the All 6 wager will lose and the game will then continue as normal.

Usual Odds Payable


6- Card Straight Flush 10,000 TO 1
4 of a kind & a pair 1,500 TO 1
Double 3 of a kind 1,000 TO 1
6 Card Flush 500 TO 1
6 Card Straight 125 TO 1
3 Pairs     75 TO 1

House Edge