Three Card Poker Progressive with Buddy Bonus

Licence type - Licence Required
Status - Permanent
Trial originated at -

Genting Casinos – Crockfords and Colony Casinos

Date placed on trial - December 2018 – not trial, an update on existing Three Card Poker progressive
Licensee / proprietor - Galaxy Gaming Inc
Licensee contact details -

6767 Spencer Street
Las Vegas, NV 89119
[email protected]

UK Sales Contact -
John Galajsza
Galaxy Gaming, Inc.
+44 (0) 7703 465488
[email protected]

Basic Outline Rules / How to Play

Three Card Poker Progressive with Buddy Bonus

Three Card Poker Progressive with the Buddy Bonus feature is an optional side bet that can play alongside the standard game of Three Card Poker.

When you play this side bet, the normal rules of Three Card Poker apply however as you are participating in the progressive game, you are also in with a chance of winning the Progressive Jackpot or one of the instant payouts.

How Do You Play

To play this version of Three Card Poker progressive you must first place a standard Ante or Pair Plus wager. Once one of these wagers has been placed, simply place a £25 wager on the on the sensor in front of your playing position and you’re in the game.

Winning hands are stated in the table below and will be paid irrespective of whether the hand beats the Croupiers hand or whether the Croupier qualifies with a queen or higher.

Buddy Bonus

Even if you have placed a Progressive wager and your hand does not win, you could still receive a “Buddy Bonus” payout.

If a player wins the Progressive Jackpot, all other players on that table who placed a Progressive wager on the same table and the same betting round will receive a ‘Buddy Bonus’. Please note that players are limited to one “Buddy Bonus” payout per hand and this payout will not be made to the winning jackpot player.

Please note: All winning progressive jackpot hands will require verification by a member of the Management team before payment can be made.

In the event of two winning progressive jackpot hands being won simultaneously on multiple tables, the first hand dealt will receive the jackpot as shown. Subsequent wins will receive the re-seeded jackpot amount.

House Edge details

Pay out Table

Please note that this version of Three Card Poker progressive has an updated pay table that includes a ‘Buddy Bonus’ payout but does not offer an instant payout for a straight.

Hand Payout
Mini Royal (Diamonds) 100% Progressive Jackpot
Mini Royal (Other suit) £25,000
Straight Flush £2,000
Three of a Kind £1,500

Buddy Bonus Payout £2,500

A Mini Royal hand is a hand of Ace/King/Queen of the same suit.

House Edge Details:-

House Edge - 24.16%