Double Draw Poker

Licence type - Licence required from Bally Technologies, Inc.
Status - Permanent
Trial originated at -

Grosvenor G Casino Manchester

Bury New Road

2 Ramsgate Street


M8 9SG

Licensee / proprietor -

Bally Technologies, Inc.

Licensee contact details

Bally Technologies Inc.

6650 El Camino Rd. Las Vegas, NV. 89118

+1 702 532 7700

Basic Outline of sidebet rules

Double Draw Poker™ is a paytable game, and the object is to get Two Pair or better. Ante and Bonus bets are mandatory and equal. Players are dealt five cards to make the 5 card poker hand, but they have two opportunities to exchange cards to increase chances of winning. After looking at initial 5 cards, players may fold or exchange up to 3 cards by making a first draw bet. Players then have another choice, to fold, or to exchange up to 1 card by making a second draw bet. The draw bets are equal to the Ante bet.

Two extra jokers are used as Aces or to complete straights, flushes or straight flushes.

Usual odds paid

If the player has Two Pair or better then "Ante", "Draw up to 3 Cards", and "Draw Up to 1 Card" bets pay 1 to 1.

"Bonus" bet is paid according to the table:

i) Two Pair pays Push
iii) Three of a kind pays 1 to 1
iv) Straight pays 2 to 1
v) Flush pays 3 to 1
vi) Full House pays 5 to 1
i) Four of a Kind pays 20 to 1
ii) Straight Flush pays 50 to 1
iii) Wild Royal Flush pays 50 to 1
iv) Natural Royal Flush pays 100 to 1
v) Five Aces pays 200 to 1

House Edge details