High Card Flush Progressive

Licence type - Licence Required
Trial originated at - Victoria Gate Casino
Date placed on trial - January 19th 2017
Licensee / proprietor - Galaxy Gaming, Inc.
Licensee contact details -

6767 Spencer Street

Las Vegas, NV 89119

[email protected]

UK Sales Contact –

John Galajsza

Galaxy Gaming, Inc.

+44 (0) 7703 465488

[email protected]

Basic Outline Rules / How to Play

Uses Player's 7 Cards

In addition to the basic game of High Card Flush, detailed on the High Card Flush page, players may place an optional side wager on the "Progressive Jackpot". This is a wager that the player's hand will hit one of the rankings below, irrespective of whether it also beats the dealer and / or whether the dealer's hand qualifies. A progressive wager may not be placed unless an Ante wager is made.

Winning progressive side bet hands are, in descending order, as follows:-

  • 6 or 7 Card Straight Flush
  • 5 Card Straight Flush
  • 4 Card Straight Flush
  • 3 Card Straight Flush

If the player's hand does not hit one of the above rankings, the progressive wager will lose.

As a progressive wager, a proportion of the wager will be retained by the house (normally 20-23%) while the remainder will be paid back to the player either as a fixed payout or a progressive payout.


Usual odds paid:

6 or 7 Card Straight Flush
1 in 83,615
5 Card Straight Flush
1 in 3351
4 Card Straight Flush
1 in 198
3 Card Straight Flush
1 in 15

House Edge details

House Edge: 20-23%