Roulette Tombola - (Associated Sidebets / Variations)

Name of sidebet - Tombola
Licence type - Licence required
Status -  
Trial originated at - Hippodrome Casino
Date placed on trial March 2012
Licensee / proprietor - World Bingo Tech Ltd
Licensee contact details

World Bingo Tech Ltd.
Hippodrome Casino
Leicester Square

Basic Outline of sidebet rules / how to play

The layout for Roulette Tombola is the same as that for Roulette and the odds are the same as those for Roulette (see below). However in place of the wheel there is a tumbler containing 37 equally sized and weighted balls.

The tombola tumbler used to play tombola shall have: a) 37 equally sized and weighted balls with one marked zero, and the others marked 1 to 36.

The house edge for the game must be detailed in the house edge leaflet.

The tombola tumbler will be spun in both directions alternately before the winning ball is determined.

At random a ball will drop from the tumbler into a pocket and the number on that ball will be displayed. All bets wagered on that corresponding number, on the layout will win and all other bets not associated with that number will lose.

All bets will be paid in accordance with the table of odds shown below.

Operators must have procedures in place to ensure the security and integrity of the tumbler.

The winning number generator, the tumbler, must comply with the standards set in the document, Bingo and Casino Equipment Technical Requirements, published by the Commission.

General rules

In a live game version, any wagers orally declared shall be accepted only if accompanied by the placing of sufficient chips, wheel chips or cash on the layout to cover the wager and verbally confirmed by the dealer.

Each player shall be responsible for the positioning of their own wager or wagers on the layout, whether or not they are assisted by a dealer. The player must ensure that any instructions given are correctly carried out. Wagers shall be settled strictly in accordance with the position of chips (or as orally declared and confirmed) when the ball falls to rest in the compartment of the tombola.

The maximum and minimum wagers permitted shall be shown on a notice prominently displayed at the table/machine. Display of the maximum wager is recommended but is otherwise at the discretion of the licence holder. Partnerships with a view to exceeding the maximum stake shall not be permitted.

All equipment used in fully and partly automated casino games must comply with technical standards set by the Commission in the current Bingo and Casino Equipment Technical Requirements.

Usual Odds Paid:

Roulette Tombola Minimum odds

A. Straight Up – one specific number 36 for 1

B. Split – one of two specific numbers 18 for 1

C. Street – one of three specific numbers 12 for 1

D. Corner – one of four specific numbers 9 for 1

E. First Four – one of numbers 0 ,1,2,3 9 for 1

F. Six Line – one of six specific numbers 6 for 1

G. Column – one of 12 specific numbers in a row 3 for 1

H. Dozen – one of 12 specific numbers in a block 3 for 1

I. Red or Black – one of 18 specific numbers 2 for 1

J. Odd or Even – one of 18 specific numbers 2 for 1

K. Low or High – one of 18 specific numbers 2 for 1

L. Split Columns – one of 24 specific numbers in a row 3 for 2

M. Split Dozens – one of 24 specific numbers in a block 3 for 2

When the winning ball is zero :

a) wagers placed on zero, or with one, two and three, shall win at odds in accordance with the table above;

b) either:

i) half of each wager on any even money chance shall be lost and the remaining half returned to the player; or

ii) all wagers on any even money chance shall be lost

c) the whole of all other wagers shall be lost.

It is not a requirement that all wagers are made available on any particular table/machine.

Whichever option in relation to bi) or bii) will be prominently displayed on the table/machine.

However, no variation to the roulette tombola game may be considered in addition to the wagers and minimum odds given above.

House Edge Details:-

Even chance bets : 1.35%

Bets on the layout : 2.7%