Double Action Roulette - (Associated Sidebets / Variations)

Name of sidebet - Double Action Roulette
Licence type - Licence required
Status - Permanent
Trial originated at - Aspers Group Limited
Date placed on trial January 2011
Licensee / proprietor - TCS John Huxley
Licensee contact details TCS John Huxley

Basic Outline of sidebet rules / how to play

Double Action Roulette is introduced by TCSJOHNHUXLEY and is played on their Mark VII Roulette Wheel. The game offers a unique variation to the traditional game of Roulette, delivering two winning numbers from a single spin. This is achieved using two sets of numbers (inner and outer rings) situated in opposing order on a single wheel, one spin marks two numbers.

The Double Action table layout consists of two identical betting areas. Each area accommodates bets for one of the two sets of numbers on the wheel. In addition, new areas including the Double Action Track are available for placing bets on double numbers occurring - paying up to 1200 to 1. The game demands no complicated rules.

The Wheel

The wheel is divided into two opposite spinning sets of numbers. Each wheel is evenly divided into 37 equal segments, numbered 1 to 36. Numbers are divided into red and black with the exception of 0, which is green.

The object of the game is to predict which numbered compartment the ball will fall into by placing a wager on the appropriate number on the layout or layouts. Wagers may also be placed to predict a sequence of numbers. The best odds are given for predicting the number outright (“straight up”) and the odds diminish depending on the range of numbers in the sequence, line or block. Players are not normally limited in the number or range of bets they may place on the same “spin” unless otherwise specified locally.

It is also possible to wager on whether the numbers will be red or black, odd or even, low or high (often called the “outside / even chance bets”).

Usual Odds Paid:

1200 – 1 Ball lands within the same number on each wheel.

25 – 1 Dual Star bet. Both winning numbers are within 0 – 6 on each layout.

3 – 1 1 – 18/19 -36 Both winning numbers to be within a certain criteria (i.e. bet black – both winning numbers must be black)

8 – 1 Dozens Columns – Both winning numbers to be in the same chosen column or dozen.

4 – 1 7 Star bet. Any number between 0 – 6 on the corresponding wheel/layout (i.e. outer wheel = outer layout)

2 – 1 Any twelve numbers (i.e. 7 – 18)

5 – 1 Any six numbers (i.e. 13 – 18)

8 – 1 Corner. Any four numbers (i.e. 1,2,7,8)

17 – 1 Split. Any two numbers (5 + 11).

35 – 1 Any one number.

11 – 1 Any three numbers (i.e. 0,5,6)

House Edge Details:-

Double Action™ (identical numbers) 12.27%
Dual star bet House Edge 6.94%
Outside chances House Edge 5.33%
Single outcomes:  
Straight ups: 2.7%
Single star bet House Edge: 5.41%