Dice Roulette - (Associated Sidebets / Variations)

Licence type - Licence required
Trial originated at - Rendezvous at the Marina, Brighton
Date placed on trial September 2012
Licensee / proprietor - N/A
Licensee contact details


Basic Outline of sidebet rules / how to play

The player plays against the House.

The game of Dice Roulette is played with two Dice, each of a different colour.

All bets must be played on the layout before the Dice are thrown.

A player throws the two Dice and continues to roll the Dice until a total of two dice amounting to 7 is rolled. At this point the Dealer will announce “change shooter” and then the dice are then offered to the next player who becomes the New Shooter.

All wagers placed are only valid for one roll.

Players may place their wagers on any number of Dice combinations on the layout.

When the throw is deemed to be good by the Dealer, they will place the marker on the winning combination and all winning wagers are paid out at the appropriate odds below.

All bets including those associated with the winning number will be lost and surrendered to the House before the next roll.

Should a ‘No Roll’ occur, then the wagers on the layout are void and will be valid for the next Roll.

All wagers must be within the specified minimums and maximums displayed at the table.

Usual Odds Paid:

Straight Up (one specific combination) 35 for 1
Split (one of two specific combinations) 17 for 1
Street (one of three specific combinations) 11 for 1
Corner’ (one of four specific combinations) 8 for 1
Double’ (two Dice show the same number) 5 for 1
Six Line’ (one of six specific combinations) 5 for 1
Single (one dice shows the specific number, if two dice shows specific number pays double odds) 3 for 1

House Edge Details:-


SPLIT 5.56%
STREET 8.33%
CORNER 11.11%