Dragon Roulette - (Associated Sidebets / Variations)

Licence type - Licence required
Status - Permanent
Trial originated at - Hippodrome Casino
Date placed on trial January 2013
Licensee / proprietor - TCS John Huxley
Licensee contact details TCS John Huxley

Basic Outline of sidebet rules / how to play

Dragon Roulette is played on the traditional roulette layout with an additional “dragon” section (the dragon track) in addition to the neighbour racetrack. The roulette wheel has the traditional 37 compartments but the inner cone is on a separate bearing track and revolves in the opposite direction. The cone has a ring of 37 sections with 8 evenly spaced dragon symbols interspaced by blanks. There are 2 gold dragon symbols and 6 silver dragon symbols.

The game is played in exactly the same way as traditional roulette except an additional bet(s) may be placed on the dragon track. Bets may be placed on any of the 37 numbers on the dragon track. The wheel will be spun in one direction and the cone will be spun in the opposite direction before the ball is spun in the same direction as the cone and the opposite direction to the wheel.

When the ball drops into a compartment that number will be the winning number and all bets on that number and associated bets will win at the appropriate odds. If a gold or silver dragon symbol lines up with the winning number when the cone comes to rest, then any bets placed on that number on the dragon track will win at the appropriate odds.

Odds Paid

All winning bets on the layout pay in accordance with roulette odds

All winning Gold Dragon side bets are paid at 300:1

All winning Silver Dragon side bets are paid 100:1

All other dragon side bets not placed on the winning number on the dragon racetrack lose.

House Edge Details:-

Dragon bet - 11.76%