Lucky Ball Roulette - Side Bet

Licence type - Licence required
Trial originated at -

Aspers (Stratford) Ltd

312 The Loft, Monfichet Road

Olympic Park



E20 1ET

Date placed on trial 1st Novenmber 2017
Licensee / proprietor - TCS JohnHuxley (Europe) Ltd
Licensee contact details

Unit 6 Festival Trade Park

Crown Road



Basic Outline of sidebet rules / how to play

The Layout

Table Display

The Game

Lucky Ball is a side bet for American Roulette. It can only be played at tables that have the Lucky Ball betting area situated next to the ‘0’ and the Lucky Ball table display. The Lucky Ball betting area consists of four coloured betting positions (Red, Green, Blue and Yellow).

Players can play the Lucky Ball side wagers without playing the base Roulette game.

Players can place wagers on each or any of the 4 Lucky Ball wagers.

Red Bet

Green Bet

Blue Bet

Yellow Bet

When ‘No more bets’ is called by the table sign, the display will assign a different number to each of the four possible betting areas. It will also randomly choose one of the colours to be paid at the bonus odds if it wins.

If none of the four numbers assigned to the four colours is the winning number then all bets shall lose.

If the winning number is one of those displayed, then the coloured box that bears that number will win at the odds displayed on the table sign, all other bets will lose.

Usual Odds Paid:

Lucky Ball Wagers Payout Odds Possible Bonus Payout Odds
Red Bet 6 to 1 120 to 1
Green Bet 12 to 1 100 to 1
Blue Bet 20 to 1 75 to 1
Yellow Bet 25 to 1 60 to 1

House Edge Details:-


Lucky Ball Wagers House Edge
Red Bet 4.05%
Green Bet 5.41%
Blue Bet 6.08%
Yellow Bet 6.08%