Fire Bet

Licence type - Licence required
Status - Permanent
Trial originated at - Gentings Casinos
Date placed on trial - 2012
Licensee / proprietor - Shufflemaster Inc
Licensee contact details -

1106 Palms Airport Drive, Las Vegas NV
89119-3730 USA.
Tel: 1(702)897 7150
Email: [email protected]

Basic Outline Rules / How to Play

The player can only make a wager on this side bet, before the first “Come Out” roll of a new shooter.

Players making a wager on this side bet must place their wager on the appropriate, numerically marked “Fire Bet circle” on the layout directly below their gaming position.

A Fire Bet cannot be taken down or “called off”, once the new shooter has established the initial point.

Once a Fire Bet wager is made, the base dealer will be instructed by the Box Person to bring the “bets in”. If the wager is more than one chip high the Base dealer must then “splash” or “fan” the Fire Bet wager so that the CCTV will be able to see the exact amount of the wagers. Once all the bets have been proved, they should be brought up and placed in the corresponding “numerical betting circles” located in front of the Box Person at the top of the proposition box. “Fire Bet” wagers will remain in these numeric betting circles, until the bet is lost or paid.

This side bet shall be paid according to the number of “Individual Points” the shooter successfully makes before the dice “Seven-Out”.

The term “Individual Points” shall mean, when a point is successfully made from the pool of possible points (4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10) more than once, it shall neither advance nor subtract from the player’s goal of reaching a Fire Bet payoff threshold. Thus, making a point more than once, will only count as one “Individual Point” made. Points do not have to be in any specific order.

Winning or losing on the “Come Out” roll will not affect this side bet. Only the “Seven Out” or successfully making all (6) Individual Points, will terminate the bet.

Only the highest payoff level met will be paid, Players may not choose to be paid on a lower level bet.

Markers shall be used to keep track of each “Individual Point” that the shooter has successfully made.

Usual odds paid

Points* 1* 2* 3 4
6 1,000 for 1 999 to 1 300 for 1 299 to 1
5 250 for 1 249 to 1 150 for 1 149 to 1
4 25 for 1 24 to 1 30 for 1 29 to 1
3     7 for 1 6 to 1
House Edge 21.27% 21.27% 20.96% 20.96%
Hit Frequency 1.05% 1.05% 4.39% 4.39%

House Edge details

20.96% - 21.27%