Licence type - Licence Required but approval for use from game proprietor required.
Status - Permanent
Trial originated at -

G Casino Luton

35 Park St W



Date placed on trial - July 2015
Licensee / proprietor - International Casino Systems Europe BV ICSE
Licensee contact details -

Kingsfordweg 151

1043GR Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Office : +31 (0)20 491 70 31

Mobile : +31 (0) 646408 995

Basic Outline Rules / How to Play

Diceball is played with a set of two standard six sided with faces numbered 1 to 6 played on a dice table in where players may throw the dice by themselves. Generally in Diceball the Shooter (Player who is throw the dice) attempts to throw the dice as long as possible without throwing a result of a total of seven.

There are five betting positions:

• Run Line: The Run Line is an even money wager that wins if the Shooter is able to, on four consecutive occasions, throw the dice resulting in a total other than seven. Four consecutive non-seven totals result in a "run" being completed. The Run Line wins even money. Players lose their wagers if the outcome of the result is seven. A Shooter must place a wager on the Run Line in order to shoot the dice, but the wager is optional for all other Players. Players may not place or adjust Run Line bets in any way if a Run Line game is in progress.

• Place Line: Wagers win if a number in the specified place line wager occurs before a total of seven is thrown. Players are free to place, remove or adjust these wagers prior to any throw taking place.

There are six distinct Place Line wagers: 2 or 5, 3 or 4 SIX , 8 , 10 or 11 ,9 or 10


• Hard Line wagers win if the specified double occurs before a total of seven is thrown. Players are free to place, remove or adjust these wagers prior to any throw taking place

There are six distinct Hard Line Wagers:


Snake Eyes (Double 1) Hard Four (Double 2)
Hard Six (Double 6) Hard Eight (Double 4)
Hard Ten (Double 5) Boxcars (Double 6)


• The Grand Slam Bonus: is a wager that wins if the Shooter is able to achieve a specified amount of runs consecutively before throwing a result of seven.

• The Seven Out wager: is the only one-roll wager which wins if the next throw after being placed results is a total of seven

Usual odds paid

Run Line: even money 1:1

Place Line: even money 1:1

Hard Lino: 5:1

Grand Slam Bonus

3 complete runs: even money 1:1

4 complete runs: 5:1

5 complete runs 15:1

6 complete runs 35:1

Seven Out wager (2 options)

1) 4:1 by total of seven

2) 5:1 if total of seven shown 2/5 and 3.4

4:1 if total of seven shown 1/6

Run Line 3.55%
Grand Slam Bonus 4.69%
Place Line 2.78%
Hard Line 2.78%
Seven Out

16.67% (if all combinations sum of both dice is seven)

5.56% (in case 1/5 or 3/4 payout 5:1 and in case 1/6 payout 4:1














House Edge details

All maths for the variation have been independently verified, the details of which are available on request.