Jackpot Roulette

Licence type - Licence required
Trial originated at -

Broadway Casino, Birmingham

Shaftesbury Casino, West Bromwich

Date placed on trial 16th December 2019
Licensee / proprietor - Spintec d.o.o.
Licensee contact details

C/O Blueprint Operations Limited

Fortune House

Northgate Terrace

Northern Road


NG24 2EU

Basic Outline of sidebet rules / how to play

To engage the progressive Jackpot Roulette game. The player needs to wager a minimum bet on a number that is present on the normal roulette layout provided.

The chip that appears on the layout will be seen to rotate, confirming that the player has entered the Jackpot Roulette game.

The player can also select as many numbers as they wish provided that they meet the minimum wager requirements.

Any bets placed on the layout as spread, street, corner, dozen, odds/even, black/red, plus all racetrack bets do not qualify for the Jackpot Roulette game.

Once the wagers have been made, the electronic roulette system will call ‘no more bets’ as per the standard game of roulette.

The Jackpot Roulette game will choose a lucky number at random (please note that. this not does not activate on every roulette wheel spin).

In the event of a lucky number, the system will show this information on a monitor and state via an automated recording “We’ve got lucky number….”

If the lucky number produced by the Jackpot Roulette game matches the same winning number in the roulette wheel, and at the same time a player has wagered on the same number as the lucky number and the winning number in the roulette wheel, the system will state “We have a jackpot winner….”; and the player will win the Jackpot Roulette bonus prize pot.”

In the event of having more than one winner the Jackpot Roulette bonus prize pot will be divided equally according to the amounts wagered by each individual player against the winning number.”

Usual Odds Paid:

The average Return to Player including the Roulette base game = 97.60%”

House Edge details

The House Edge of Jackpot Roulette including the Roulette base game = 2.40%

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