Advice for New Games Inventors / Suppliers

The process described on this web site allows new games, side bets and variations to be introduced into UK casinos by a casino operator holding an Operator’s Licence issued by the Gambling Commission , provided that:-

The game meets the objectives of the Gambling Act 2005 in providing fair, open and honest gaming, does not exploit the vulnerable and is supplied by a reputable supplier who meets the objective of keeping gambling crime free;

Internal dealing procedures have been published to ensure that staff can deal the game fairly;

“How to Play” information is made available to customers in the casino so that the rules can be clearly understood;

Independently verified House Edge information is obtained and similarly made available to customers in the casino;

The basic rules are details of the game supplier are added to this web site before introduction.

To introduce an new game, side bet or variation to the UK, inventors / suppliers must first convince a licensed UK casino operator to install the product in one of their UK premises, and duly meet the above criteria. No game will be placed on this web site if submitted by a supplier or game inventor directly. Games will only be added to this site where information is supplied by a UK licensed casino operator using the template provided.

Inventors or suppliers can facilitate this process by ensuring that they have independently verified house edge data, how to play information and generic dealing procedures available in advance of making an approach to a UK operator.