Blackjack Burn 20 - (Associated Sidebets / Variations)

Name of sidebet Burn 20
Licence type Licence required
Trial originated at

Grosvenor Casinos Ltd
Statesman House
Stafferton Way
Berks SL6 1AY
Tel: 01628 504000

Date placed on trial 15th July 2011
Licensee / proprietor -

Geoff Hall – Customised Games Ltd

Licensee contact details

323 Haslucks Green Road
Solihull, Warwickshire B90 2NF

Tel: 0121 604 7453
e-mail: [email protected]

Basic Outline of sidebet rules / how to play

1. “Burn 20 Blackjack” is dealt as a normal game of Blackjack, with two cards to the Player and one to the Dealer.

2. If the Dealer has an Ace to 9 as their exposed card, the game continues as normal.

3. If the Dealer has a “10” value card (i.e 10,J, Q or K) there is potential for a “Burn 20”. The game continues as normal until all Player decisions have been made and the Dealer addresses their own hand. They will then deal the second card to their hand.

4. If the Dealer’s second card is a 2 to 9, or a Blackjack with an Ace of a different suit to the Dealer’s first card, then the game continues as normal.

5. If the Dealer’s second card is a 10 value card, or a Blackjack with an Ace of the same suit as the first card , the Dealer will then place both cards in the Burn 20 area marked on the layout (marked with flames) and deal themselves two further cards, face up.

6. If the new cards are not two further 10 value cards, the game will continue as normal.

7. If the new cards ARE two further 10 value cards, the Dealer will again burn them by placing them on the flame symbol. The same applies if the two new cards make a Blackjack (regardless of suit), the two cards will be discarded.

This process will continue until the Dealer draws two cards that are neither both 10 value cards or form a Blackjack.

9. If the Dealer achieves a score of 20 using three cards, the game is unaffected and continues as normal. The “Burn 20” rule applies only for a two card score of 20 on the Dealer’s hand or a Blackjack formed by the new cards.

10. The only other change to the normal game is if the Dealer achieves a score of 22, in which case all remaining Player hands in the game will push, except for Blackjacks which will be paid at 3-2 as normal. (This provides the additional house edge to compensate for the Burn 20 rules favouring the Player).

11. When the Dealer has a score that is not 22, winning Player hands are otherwise paid even money as normal, other than Blackjacks at 3-2. Players may make all usual decisions to split or double on their hand.

12. As soon as two further cards that are neither two 10’s or a Blackjack are dealt to the Dealer’s hand, the Dealer will discard any 'burned' cards on the flamed “Burn 20” area and places them into the discard holder. They will then complete their hand as normal.


Odds as for normal Blackjack, except that all hands push (except Blackjack still paid at 3-2) where the Dealer has a score of 22.

House Edge details

The House edge for this version of Blackjack is 0.74%

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